Leveraged Farming Simulator

The yield farming simulator can be used to visualize potential earnings, risk of liquidation, and to visualize how changes in price impact equity values.

How To Use

After you choose the pool you want to farm, depending on the pool you can choose the asset to borrow, and the amount of each asset supplied. You can adjust the leverage to your risk tolerance. After you set the parameters, you can simulate your position. For our example we will be using Farm SOL-USDC

The X-Axis represents the price of an asset or change in asset price. In the Y-Axis is your equity value in USD. When the curve is β€œflatter”, it means your equity value remains relatively unchained when the asset price moves, and vice versa.

As seen in the example below: The light blue line represents your equity in the Leveraged Farming Position. While the darker blue line represents your equity from simply holding the asset. The red line represents your liquidation threshold (Only applies to positions that have long/short exposure). You can adjust the Farming Period (days) to observe the change.

When hovering over the simulator, a tooltip will appear with projected values: Token Price, Farming Period (days) Profit, Hold Profit, and Your Equity.

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