Protocol Integrations


  • tsUSDC can be deposited into Friktion's put selling strategy. Note: these strategies are not risk free and can carry price risk. You CAN lose money on your deposits when using Friktion.

  • For put-selling vaults, depositors will only deal with the paired asset, ie. tsUSDC. At the start of an epoch, the strategy will sell puts for the underlying asset with a strike price below the current price and the premium collected in stablecoin will be added as your yield.

    • If the put expires out of money (current price is above strike price), then that is the end of the epoch and the premium will be your yield for the epoch

    • If the put expires in the money (current price is below strike price), then it will be exercised by the counterparty and the acquired asset will then be sold for the stablec-oin. If the premium collected initially is not enough to make up for the shortfall between the sale price of the asset and the strike price, then the depositor will net a loss for the epoch.

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