Stop Loss order

A stop loss is an order placed to buy or sell when a position reaches a certain price. This is done in order to limit the amount of losses that may be incurred if the price of the position drops.

How to Use

To add a stop, simply click on the "Add Stop" check box and enter the desired stop prices. Once added, your position will be closed automatically if the asset price reaches or falls below your stop price. Please note that stops are executed on best effort basis and slippage can occur. Use at your own discretion.


Stop Loss Fee: 1% of notional value

Fees are only charged on triggering of Stop-Loss. Fees are subject to change in the future.

Stop Loss Example

  1. Steve opens a SOL-USDC leveraged farming position using 2x leverage.

  2. He supplies 500 USDC in collateral.

  3. He borrows 11.16 SOL

  4. Tulip Protocol converts all deposits and loans into a LP position: 11.1938 SOL + 500 USDC

  5. If Stop-Loss triggers at $40, then Steve's stop-loss fee will be $9.4653. The Stop-Loss fee is calculated based on the Notional Value of the position (1% of $946.53 at the time of position closing). This fee only occurs if the stop is triggered.

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